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The Prior Approval Request (PAR) and Budget Revisions (BR) forms have been updated. These updates have been in response to campus feedback to improve functionality for users.

The forms released in June replace previous versions of the Budget Revision template and the Institutional Prior Approval System (IPAS) form. The new forms allow for electronic signature and submission. Instructions and training on how to use the forms are available on the OSR Website.

Budget Revision Form Updates

Reordering Budget Revision Rows

The form now allows you to control the order of generated rows. Each row can be moved above or below its current position using the arrow buttons located on the table’s right side. You are also able to add rows to specific locations. The Add Button now inserts the new row directly above the selected row rather than adding it to the end of the table.

Other Changes

  • Cumulative page numbers (Page x of y) to identify larger budget revision tables that stretch across multiple pages.
  • Budget Revisions include Fund and Source fields for the Prime Project ID to help reduce data entry time.

Prior Approval Documents List Fix

Some methods of saving or submitting the form reset the required documents lists. This has now been corrected. Select the Prior Approval Action in Question 2. This generates the documents list for both internal and external prior approvals. The appropriate list to use is still shown in red based on the answer given in Question 3 which asks whether the Sponsor or OSR can approve the request. The fields no longer reset to blank automatically.

Changes to Both Forms

  • Hidden form instructions to save space when printing. The instructions then return once you have completed printing.
  • A reset button allows you to quickly remove the completed fields so that you can restart the form without having manual delete each entry.
  • Instructions updated to emphasize that ALL FIELDS are required. Incomplete forms may be returned to you for revisions.

There are updated instructions for each form that defines the fields and walks you through completing them. These are located on the OSR Website.

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