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Meeting OSR’s five business days submission deadline (Operating Standard 300.3) is vital to submitting a successful proposal. It allows Sponsored Project Specialists to review budgets thoroughly, check institutional compliance, and meet sponsor guidelines for required components. The deadline also gives adequate time to identify and make necessary corrections before sending the proposal to the sponsor. This maximizes the chances of funding along with minimizing the possibilities of rejection or return without review.

Some sponsors have implemented mandatory submission portal requirements such as Workspace and Assist. Successful submission through those portals requires additional time to complete. It can take up to 48 hours for sponsors to retrieve some proposals. This increases the chance of submission errors. OSR can correct electronic submission errors and re-submit proposals before the sponsor’s deadline when submission meet the deadline.

OSR’s review helps ensure proposals meet all sponsor’s requirements and comply with university policies and procedures. New sponsor submission portal requirements increase the need for adequate time to complete these reviews. Submitting a compliant proposal results in a quicker project set up when awarded so research can start on time.

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