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The Office of Sponsored Research is pleased to announce the initial launch of its organizational transformation. Pre-Award Services has merged with Award Management to form the new Research Administration group under the direction of John Sites, who will serve as the Interim Director. Brian Collier will serve as one of two Assistant Directors. The new group consists of seven teams, each of which will include both pre-award and post-award staff, allowing for a more customer service focus. There will also be one team that will be dedicated to issuing outgoing subawards. On Friday, December 16th, the new group relocated from the AOB to the Giles Horney Building.

As part of the transformation, department portfolios have been reassigned among OSR staff. Research Managers have been contacting departments, centers, and institutes directly regarding portfolio assignments and will be arranging visits to campus for more personal introductions. Additional information regarding the new organizational structure, team assignments, and staff assignments has been posted here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Sites (email) or Brian Collier (email) directly or, once you’ve been contacted by your new RA Managers, those managers directly.

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