Headshot of Don Hobart

Don Hobart

Associate Vice Chancellor
Don Hobart oversees the Office of Research Communications and the Office of Federal Affairs.
(919) 843-0052

Headshot of Layla Dowdy.

Layla Dowdy

Layla Dowdy develops and executes communication strategy for the ORC that increases awareness of the value and impact of Carolina’s research accomplishments.
(919) 962-7765

Headshot of Darren Abrecht.

Darren Abrecht

Darren Abrecht administers the UNC Research and Endeavors websites. He provides content and technical support for web contributors throughout the Research division.
(919) 962-6137

Headshot of Alyssa LaFaro.

Alyssa LaFaro

Communications Specialist
Alyssa LaFaro edits, writes, and produces visual content for Endeavors; manages both ORC newsletters; and assists with the development of ORC’s digital platforms.
(919) 962-6136

Headshot of Mary Lide Parker.

Mary Lide Parker

Communications Specialist
Mary Lide Parker writes for Endeavors and other publications on campus. As a photographer and video producer, she also creates visual content for Endeavors.
(919) 962-7767

Headshot of Corina Cudebec.

Corina Cudebec

Graphic Designer
Corina Cudebec designs print and digital collateral for ORC and provides visual content and support for UNC Research and Endeavors websites.
(919) 962-0130

Ellaina Smith

Communications Intern
Ellaina Smith aids the process of production for Endeavors and ORC publications. She performs a multitude of tasks, including transcription of interviews, involvement in staff workshops, and website formatting.