Don Hobart

Associate Vice Chancellor
Don Hobart oversees the Office of Research Communications and the Office of Federal Affairs.

(919) 843-0052

Layla Dowdy

Layla Dowdy develops and executes communication strategy for the ORC that increases awareness of the value and impact of Carolina’s research accomplishments.

(919) 962-7765

Darren Abrecht

Darren Abrecht administers the UNC Research and Endeavors websites. He provides content and technical support for web contributors throughout the Research division.

(919) 962-6137

Alyssa LaFaro

Communications Specialist
Alyssa LaFaro edits, writes, and produces visual content for Endeavors; manages both ORC newsletters; and assists with the development of ORC’s digital platforms.

(919) 962-6136

Mary Lide Parker

Communications Specialist
Mary Lide Parker writes for Endeavors and other publications on campus. As a photographer and video producer, she also creates visual content for Endeavors.

(919) 962-7767

Corina Cudebec

Graphic Designer
Corina Cudebec designs print and digital collateral for ORC and provides visual content and support for UNC Research and Endeavors websites.
(919) 962-6023

Patrick Seelinger

Communications Intern
Pat Seelinger studies journalism at UNC-Chapel with a concentration in interactive multimedia. As the communications intern, he writes for Endeavors, helps manage the UNC Research social media and finds new content for the website.