University Research Council (URC) Small Grant Program

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Spring 2014 (Deadline: 5:00PM -Monday, February 24, 2014)

The University Research Council (URC) of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill administers a Small Grant program for faculty and professional librarians at UNC-CH. Two types of grants are available:

  • Research grants support the scientific, scholarly or artistic efforts of faculty. They may be used for costs such as collecting pilot data, research-related travel, research equipment or supplies, or the costs of smaller-scale projects. The Council encourages the use of URC grants as a stepping stone to extramural support.
  • Publication grants help pay the costs of publishing scientific, scholarly or artistic work. They may be used to pay for such things as photographs, drawings, figures or tables, or permissions to reprint.

The maximum URC award is $5,000. (This increases the previous maximum of $4,000.) A faculty member may submit only one URC proposal each semester — either research or publication.

New Eligibility: Applicants must be employees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill holding a faculty rank (tenure, tenure-track, adjunct, research or clinical rank, lecturers, or instructors) OR professional librarians in the analogous librarian ranks. Preference is given to less senior applicants only for the purpose of breaking ties.

Deadlines: Proposals are reviewed twice a year, in fall and spring. Faculty members are sent an announcement in advance of each deadline. The deadline for Spring 2014 is 5:00PM on Monday, February 24, 2014. Spring awards will be announced early May, 2014.

Forms: URC application forms are now available online. There are separate forms for research and publications grants:

Please read the directions carefully. Please include only the paperwork requested. Times New Roman 10-point is the standard font. Failure to follow instructions may cause your application to be rejected.

Inquiries may be directed to Gail Whitfield, new URC Coordinator, Office of Research Development, CB 4012, 307 Bynum Hall. Telephone: 919-962-9333.

Please note: Grants are available for faculty and librarians at UNC-Chapel Hill only.

Award winners: A selected history of award winners for University Research Council Small Grant Program