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In order to provide the best possible support to the campus community, please submit specific, urgent issues related to the administration of sponsored projects to OSRhelp@unc.edu.  A support team has been assigned to monitor and track issues as they come through this mailbox. The support team troubleshoots system issues as well as functional issues and will be facilitating solutions by working with OSR staff and other resources.

You should continue to communicate directly with OSR staff to manage your daily workflow and routine questions. The OSRhelp email support mailbox is in addition to the standard OSR methods of communication and is specifically intended for issues requiring additional support or escalation.

Please continue to use resadminosr@unc.edu for official business correspondence such as new awards, amendments or other communications from sponsors or collaborating institutions.

When using the OSRhelp@unc.edu mailbox, please include the following information:

Field Example(s)
Project ID or

Proposal ID



Department Name and department number
Description of issue Budget error due to KK date
Are you currently working with an OSR staff member to resolve this issue?  If yes, please provide the staff member’s name
System type ConnectCarolina, InfoPorte, ePAR, RAMSeS
Any applicable attachments Allowable attachment types include:  bmp, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, doc, xls, docx, xlsx, txt, pdf, csv

  Click here to email OSRhelp@unc.edu