Limited Submission Grants

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  • Funding opportunities for which the University is allowed to submit a limited number of nominations or proposals.
  • Many of these grants provide high visibility and prestige.
  • Winning enhances UNC faculty and the University research portfolio.
  • ORD is responsible for facilitating the selection process for Limited Submission Grants.      Limited Submission Awards are handled by the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE).

Limited Submissions Process Flow - Research Format

Strategic and Large-scale Limited Grants

ORD realizes the importance of time to strategically plan for large scale cross-disciplinary initiatives. Maximum time to prepare a large submission is a valuable and rare commodity for faculty, particularly in the current funding climate. ORD is piloting a modified version of the current limited submission selection process for these particular grants.  With that in mind, The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research may determine that certain limited submission grants are considered as critically important to the research mission of the University; in such cases relevant teams may be strategically identified by the Vice Chancellor.

“Last minute” limited submission grants

If a grant that is not on the regular list for internal calls and ORD is notified within eight weeks prior to the agency deadline, the PI who first contacts ORD will have priority as the internal nominee, as there is no time to have an internal review.

For more information, contact Denise Lindley at Limited_Submissions@unc.edu or (919)962-7503.