Policies and Procedures

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Analgesia | Anesthesia | Antibody Production | Care & WelfareHousing & TransportationIACUC Protocol Information | Procedures & Services | Supplemental Policies & Information



General Postoperative Analgesia Guidelines

Forms & Supplemental Information

Analgesic Drug Log Template

Anesthesia & Analgesia Formulary – Aquatic Animals

Anesthesia & Analgesia Formulary – Other Species (Canine, Feline, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Swine)

Analgesia & Anesthesia Formulary – Mouse

Analgesia & Anesthesia Formulary – Rat

Pain and Distress Identification in Laboratory Animals

Pain Relief in Animals

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Disposal of Inhalational Anesthetics

Post-anesthesia Monitoring

Vaporizer Calibration and Servicing Requirements

Forms & Supplemental Information

Anesthetic Drug Log Template

Anesthesia & Analgesia Formulary – Aquatic Animals

Anesthesia & Analgesia Formulary – Other Species (Canine, Feline, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Swine)

Analgesia & Anesthesia Formulary – Mouse

Analgesia & Anesthesia Formulary – Rat

Isoflurane Monitoring Log Template

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Antibody-Adjuvant Policy

Custom Antibody Production

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Care & Welfare

Acclimation Period for Received Animals Guideline

Adoption of Companion Animals Policy

Dental Policy for Canines

Exercise and Socialization of Dogs

Humane Endpoints of Rodents

Monitoring Documentation & Record Keeping Guidelines

Paralytics Policy – Monitoring Animals which have received Neuromuscular Blocking Agents (NMB)

Report Animal Mistreatment or Animal Protocol Non-compliance

Reporting Sick Animals

Toxicology Protocols, Evaluation of

Tumor Burden Policy

USDA Covered Species – Information for Investigators

Veterinary Care – General Guidelines

Weight Loss in Animals

Forms & Supplemental Information

Body Condition Scoring – Canine

Body Condition Scoring – Feline

Body Condition Scoring – Mice

Husbandry Duties Performed by Investigator (AKA PI Feed & Water Check Sheet)

Accurately Completing the PI Feed & Water Check Sheet

Investigator Health Monitoring

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Housing & Transportation

Animal Procedural Space Exception

Animal Transport and Biosecurity Policy

Cage Population Densities, Housing, and Breeding – Mice

Cage Population Densities, Housing, and Breeding – Rats

Environmental Enhancement for Non-Human Primates

Environmental Enrichment Program For Animals

Satellite Animal Facilities Guidelines

Social Housing of Research Animals Policy (Terrestrial and Aquatic)

Forms & Supplemental Information

Disaster Plan for UNC Satellite Facilities

IACUC Satellite Facility SOP Form

Mouse Breeding Policy Lecture

Mouse Colony Management Lecture

No DLAM Cage Card Available?

Satellite Disaster Plan Section F – Specifics to be Submitted for IACUC File

Veterinary Care Contacts for UNC Satellite Facilities

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IACUC Protocol Information

Amendments and Other Protocol Change Guidelines

Exceptions to IACUC Policy

Grant Congruency

IACUC Meeting Dates 2015

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Procedures & Services

Aseptic Technique for Rodent Survival Surgeries

Aseptic Technique for USDA Covered Species Survival Surgeries

Blood Withdrawal and Tail Biopsy in Rodents

Core Facilities Site

Core Facilities – Providing or Using a Service

Carbon Dioxide Policy

Disposal of Rodents Carcasses Policy

Euthanasia of Animals in Animal Housing Areas

Euthanasia Policy – Rodent

Footpad Injections in Mice and Rats

Identification Methods for Rodents

Oocyte Harvest in Amphibians

Standard Operating Procedures for Animal Procedures Conducted in UNC-CH Investigator-Maintained Facilities

Toe Clip Policy – Rodents

Forms & Supplemental Information

Animal Services Provided or Received Form

BRIC Project Proposal Form 

BRIC Small Animal Imaging Facility – SOP

BRIC (UNC Biomedical Research Imaging Center Core Facility)

FDA Approved Sterilants and High Level Disinfectants

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Supplemental Policies & Information

Institutional Policies

PI Responsibilities

Visiting Scholars – UNC Human Resources Policy

Regulatory Policies

Alternatives to Painful Procedures (USDA Policy # 12)

Alternatives Search

Expired and Non-pharmaceutical Grade Medical Materials (USDA Policy #3)

Painful and Distressful Procedures (USDA Policy #11)

USDA Animal Care Resource Guide Policies

USDA Pain Categories

Veterinary Care (USDA Policy #3)

Controlled Substance – Federal Policy

Attaining Proper DEA Licensing and Maintenance of Controlled Substances in Researcher Laboratories

Drug Enforcement Administration – Office of Diversion Control

Drug Log – Controlled and Non-controlled Substances

Section 1304.22 – PDF document for referencing

Section 1304.22 Records for manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, researchers, importers, and exporters

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