Policies and Procedures

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Table of Contents


Anesthesia & Analgesia

General Postoperative Analgesia Guidelines

Guidelines for Administered Agents

Disposal of Inhalational Anesthetics

Post-operative Care Guidelines

Vaporizer Calibration and Servicing Requirements

Forms & Supplemental Information

Anesthesia/Analgesia Drug Log Template

IACUC Anesthetized Procedure SOP for Rats and Mice – For all researchers performing survival and non-survival procedures

Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Procedure Record – Rodents

Post-Procedure Monitoring & Analgesia Card – *NEW REQUIRED CARD*

Analgesia and Anesthesia Formulary – Aquatic Species

Analgesia and Anesthesia Formulary – Mice

Analgesia and Anesthesia Formulary – Rats

Analgesia and Anesthesia Formulary – Other Species (Canine, Feline, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Swine)

Pain and Distress Identification in Laboratory Animals

Pain Relief in Animals

Isoflurane Vaporizer Monitoring Log Template

Isoflurane Drop Method Log Template

UNC-CH Isoflurane SOP

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Antibody-Adjuvant Policy

Custom Antibody Production

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Care & Welfare

Acclimation Period for Received Animals Guideline

Adoption of Companion Animals Policy

Dental Policy for Canines

Exercise and Socialization of Dogs

University Standard for Food-Water Restriction-Deprivation in Rats Mice and Ferrets

PI Food or Water Restriction Card

Humane Endpoints of Rodents

Monitoring Documentation & Record Keeping Guidelines

Paralytics Policy – Monitoring Animals which have received Neuromuscular Blocking Agents (NMB)

Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns or Animal Protocol Non-compliance

Standard Operating Procedure for Reporting Sick Animals

Toxicology Protocols, Evaluation of

Tumor Burden Policy

USDA Covered Species – Information for Investigators

Veterinary Care For Research Animals

Weight Loss in Animals

Forms & Supplemental Information

Body Condition Scoring – Canine

Body Condition Scoring – Feline

Body Condition Scoring – Mice

PI Husbandry Duties & Monitoring Check Sheet (AKA PI Feed & Water Check Sheet)

Investigator Health Monitoring

UNIVERSITY POLICY On the Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals for Research, Training, and Teaching Purposes

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Housing & Transportation

Animal Procedural Space Exception (APSE) Guidelines

Animal Transport and Biosecurity Policy

Mouse Cage Density Policy

Rat Cage Density Policy

Environmental Enhancement for Non-Human Primates

Environmental Enrichment Program for Animals

Satellite Animal Facilities Guidelines and SOP

Disaster Plan for UNC Satellite Facilities

Social Housing of Research Animals (Terrestrial and Aquatic)

Single Housing Card

Forms & Supplemental Information

Mouse Cage Density Policy Lecture

Mouse Colony Management Lecture

No DLAM Cage Card Available?

Satellite Disaster Plan Section F – Specifics to be Submitted for IACUC File

Veterinary Care Contacts for UNC Satellite Facilities

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IACUC Protocol Information

Amendments and Other Protocol Change Guidelines

Exceptions to IACUC Policy

Grant Congruency

IACUC Meeting Dates

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Procedures & Services

Aseptic Technique for Rodent Survival Surgeries

Aseptic Technique for USDA Covered Species Survival Surgeries

Blood Withdrawal and Tail Biopsy in Rodents

Core Facilities Site

Guidelines for Use of Animal Core Facilities

Carbon Dioxide Policy

Disposal of Rodents Carcasses Policy

Footpad Injections in Mice and Rats

Identification Methods for Rodents

Oocyte Harvest in Amphibians

Rodent Euthanasia Policy

Toe Clip Policy – Rodents

Forms & Supplemental Information

Animal Services Provided or Received Form

BRIC Project Proposal Form 

BRIC (UNC Biomedical Research Imaging Center Core Facility)

FDA Approved Sterilants and High Level Disinfectants

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Supplemental Policies & Information

Institutional Policies

PI Responsibilities

Visiting Scholars – UNC Human Resources Policy

Regulatory Policies

Alternatives Search

USDA Animal Care Resource Guide Policies

USDA Pain Categories

USDA Animal Care Resource Guide Policies

Commonly Referenced Policies:

Controlled Substance – Federal Policy

Attaining Proper DEA Licensing and Maintenance of Controlled Substances in Researcher Laboratories

Drug Enforcement Administration – Office of Diversion Control

Anesthesia/Analgesia Drug Log Template

Section 1304.22 – PDF document for referencing

Section 1304.22 Records for manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, researchers, importers, and exporters

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