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April 8 phone outage

Tuesday, April 8 only, our phone lines will be down, sporadically.  When you attempt to call our office or individual staff members, you may hear a busy signal or a message stating that the phone number is not in service.  If so, you will be unable to leave a voice message.  Please try again, later.  Thanks for bearing with us while our phone system is upgraded.


Temporary processing delays

Recent changes in our computer system (IRBIS) have led to a delay in processing time.  This is impacting the time it takes to review and approve submissions.  We appreciate your patience while we get through this transition.

IRB Status of UNC Research on Student-Athlete Literacy

For the past two weeks, there has been intense media coverage of research conducted by a UNC employee on literacy rates among student-athletes.  These reports contained numerous errors and misrepresentations with regard to the IRB status of this research.  CLICK HERE for a statement prepared by the Office of Human Research Ethics, which oversees the IRBs, to respond to media inquiries and address inaccuracies in prior reports.

IRBIS Down Saturday November 9

IRBIS (UNC's IRB online submission system) will be down for site maintenance, Saturday morning, November 16, 2013 from 6 AM until Noon.  During these hours, you will be unable to access your existing online submissions or to initiate any new submissions. 

Reliance on central/independent IRB

Effective October 15, 2013, UNC will rely on the approval and oversight of the central/independent IRB already involved with an industry-sponsored, multicenter trial, provided certain criteria are met. Please CLICK HERE for a guidance document providing an overview of the process for requesting reliance on a central or independent IRB.
Informational sessions were offered to provide background, introduce the new policy and demonstrate the abbreviated application used for this scenario. Please CLICK HERE for additional guidance and information.