2011 Research Highlights

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Whether they’re trying to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems or finding the answers to scholarly questions, Carolina faculty often engage in fascinating research. 2011 was no exception. Here are some of the biggest UNC Research stories and trends of the year.

2011 Breakthrough of the Year

The journal Science’s 2011 Breakthrough of the Year is an HIV-prevention study led by UNC’s Myron Cohen. The study showed that early treatment with antiretroviral drugs — that is, drugs that attack retroviruses such as HIV — can effectively prevent the transmission of the virus.

The Age of Aerotropolis

Jack Kasarda says our nation’s future is up in the air. A sociologist turned global business guru, Kasarda has helped dozens of cities around the world transform airports into economic juggernauts. They’ve taken his ideas—actual blueprints in some cases—and invested billions of dollars to build new cities for a globally connected age.