September 2008

September 30, 2008

Scientists, research network, unveil results from groundbreaking brain tumor study Nearly half of U.S. adults will develop painful knee osteoarthritis by age 85 Grant to evaluate health, poverty, and gender programs worldwide Investment in imaging to accelerate researchers’ understanding of … Continued

August 2008

August 30, 2008

Shape, not just size, impacts effectiveness of emerging nano-medicine therapies Two-thirds of severe sports injuries to female students due to cheerleading MSG use linked to obesity ‘Chilling’ hardship rates among families raising disabled children Study shows link between spanking and … Continued

July 2008

July 30, 2008

UNC researchers, spin-off company receive NIH small business grant Experimental philosophy explores real-life dilemmas Study ties ending moderate drinking to depression Some drugs increase risk of falling Out-of-pocket health-care costs for disabled children vary widely by state Genetics, social factors … Continued

June 2008

June 30, 2008

Non-whites receive harsher sentences for inflicted traumatic brain injury of children Journalism school launches media project covering NC’s Latino population UNC scholars shoot for the stars with space grants UNC cancer researcher receives American Brain Tumor Association grant UNC to … Continued

May 2008

May 30, 2008

Mental disorders in parents linked to autism in children Drug appears to offer speedier relief from depression Too much or too little weight gain poses risks to pregnant mothers, babies Documentary on segregation to air on WUNC-TV School of Medicine … Continued

April 2008

April 30, 2008

Harmful algae taking advantage of global warming Inactive kids face six-fold risk of heart disease by teen years Pieces coming together in Parkinson’s, cholesterol puzzle Early neglect predicts aggressive behavior in children Targeted school spending directly related to student academic … Continued

February 2008

February 28, 2008

Parents support ban on secondhand smoke in public places, higher cigarette taxes First map of threats to marine ecosystems shows all the world’s oceans are affected Discovery of “overdrive” protein could broaden drug design options Vaccine for stomach flu may … Continued

January 2008

January 30, 2008

A new drug target for preventing lymphedema (posted 1-19-2008) Redefining the black middle class (posted 1-19-2008) Studying the effects of rural life on kids (posted 1-19-2008) Statewide research program to address shaken-baby prevention (posted 1-19-2008) Preschoolers benefit from mental health … Continued

March 2008

November 27, 0201

Computer simulations point to key molecular basis of cystic fibrosis Cancer risk slightly higher for women in discontinued hormone treatment trial UNC, Harvard develop inhaled TB vaccine American College of Surgeons establishes new Health Policy Institute at UNC Obesity may … Continued