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UNC-CH researchers build online tool that predicts doctor shortages (News and Observer)

In ancient land, UNC-led teams unearth history (News and Observer)

First Grade Reading Suffers in Segregated Schools

A groundbreaking study from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute has found that African-American students in first grade experience smaller gains in reading when they attend segregated schools—but the students’ backgrounds likely are not the cause of the differences.

According to the Center for Civil Rights, although the United States is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, segregation is still on the rise. To better understand segregation’s impact on student performance, FPG scientists looked at nearly 4000 first graders in public schools nationwide.  Read More...

Kim receives 2014 Bladder Cancer Research Innovation Award

July 28-August 1: 11th Annual Qualitative Research Summer Intensive