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At Carolina, the research, discoveries, and creative activity of our faculty and students translate into new businesses and jobs. Today over 150 UNC-CH startup companies call North Carolina home, providing jobs to nearly 8,000 state residents.

UNC startups are nurtured, incubated, and accelerated through departments and offices across the university, including the UNC Office of Technology Development, the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, the Kenan-Flagler Business School, the Chancellor’s Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences (NCTraCs) Institute.

 UNC Technology-Transfer Startups are businesses created by UNC faculty who license intellectual property created from their scientific discoveries and research.

 Independently Launched UNC Startups are new businesses created by faculty and students that arise directly or indirectly from their work and experience at Carolina.

 UNC-Assisted Startups are businesses created by UNC faculty, staff, and students who received direct institutional support through UNC business-plan competitions, entrepreneurship programs and courses, hands-on business mentoring, and incubators and accelerators for startup ventures.



Year of Incorporation

ACRIS Pharmaceuticals, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2013
ACRIS Pharmaceuticals is a private biopharmaceutical firm that licenses and develops promising life-science technologies for unmet clinical needs.
AgBiome, LLC  (Independently Launched) 2013
AgBiome, a Durham, NC-based biotechnology company, works with agribusiness-industry leaders to develop products that use microbes to control soil-borne diseases of greenhouse crops and major row crops.
Algynomics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2005
Algynomics develops therapeutics for chronic pain and related conditions, using technologies that identify new drug targets, treatments, and diagnostic responses.
Allotropica Technologies, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2008
Chapel Hill-based Allotropica Technologies offers a proprietary manufacturing process for the high-volume, low-cost fabrication of graphene (carbon), with an initial market focus on electrodes for ultracapacitors. Allotropica’s unique, high-value, enabling component can readily be incorporated into existing manufacturing processes of established ultracapacitors.
AlphaVax, LLC (Technology Transfer) 1998
AlphaVax develops vaccine technology with applications in infectious disease, cancer, and biodefense threats.
Altometrics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2010
Altometrics develops tools to effectively manage the performance of software applications that run over networks. The core technology, which enables fast, efficient analysis of vast amounts of archived and current data, was invented by a UNC PhD candidate.
AngleFix Tech, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2005
AngleFix Tech develops screw technology for orthopedic plates.
Applied Micro Products, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2003
Applied Micro Products is a biotechnology company that offers environmentally friendly products for the treatment and preservation of wood. Each product, developed in collaboration with scientists at UNC, is a natural carbon source encased in a time-release delivery system.
Aquagenx, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2012
Aquagenx provides microbial water-quality testing products that detect potential health risks such as E. coli bacteria.
Arcato Laboratories, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2011
Arcato Laboratories develops and commercializes oral health-care products. The company offers OraWax, an over-the-counter anesthetic for the treatment of oral discomfort caused by braces.
ArteSanar, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2011
ArteSanar is a social-services business focused on Latino populations working to slow the progression of the AIDS epidemic. It offers a multifaceted and culturally competent set of services in order to improve access to health care for Latinos.
Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Inc.   (Technology Transfer) 2001
Asklepios BioPharmaceutical (AskBio) develops protein- and cellular-based therapies using a proprietary technology platform called Biological Nano Particles (BNP).
Attagene, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2001
Attagene is a biotechnology company located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. Its mission is to accelerate drug discovery and development by providing innovative tools for examining signal transduction. The company’s research team includes scientists with academic and industrial background with expertise in signal transduction, functional genomics, gene discovery, and disease models.
Augment Medical, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2011
Augment Medical is developing a flexible, low-cost, and easy-to-use communication platform for hospitals and was founded by students studying at the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering of North Carolina State University and UNC–Chapel Hill.
AuthentiForm Technologies, LLC (Independently Launched) 2009
AuthentiForm Technologies is a privately held company in Chapel Hill that focuses on developing methods to unequivocally establish product authenticity.
Bella Monica, Inc.  (UNC Assisted) 2011
Bella Monica is a Raleigh, NC-based business that makes and sells gluten-free pizza to wholesale distributors and retail grocery stores. It also operates a gluten-free Italian restaurant. Its business model was developed through founder Corbett Monica’s participation in the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School’s Launching the Venture program.
BiddRocket, Inc.  (Independently Launched) 2011
BiddRocket provides a mobile application for Android and iOS device users to buy and sell nightclub/bar cover listings online. The company is headquartered in Chapel Hill.
BioDeptronix, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2012
BioDeptronix is developing an exposure chamber instrument that uses changes in metabolism and genome expression of living cells to sense and monitor toxic materials, such as chemicals and particulate matter in air streams.
BioFluidica, LLC (Independently Launched) 2013
BioFluidica manufactures laboratory instruments and instrumentation systems.
Bivarus, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2010
Bivarus was created in response to frustration among health-care professionals with current patient satisfaction tools and their lack of scientific precision and actionable findings. In response, the company has created a platform to generate precise findings around the quality of a patient’s experience with health care and to provide sound data for improving care.
Blinkness, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2010
BlackInkMetrics, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2014
Blinkness creates free and easy-to-use web-based services that allow college students save time and money by providing solutions for expensive textbooks, course work, and other issues.
Bronto Software, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2002
Bronto Software develops software and provides services to national and global retailers to increase sales through email and social media marketing. Company founder Joe Colopy began developing Bronto’s software and business model in 2000 after completing his MBA at UNC. The company is based in Durham, NC, with an additional office in Sydney, Australia.
Buzz Rides Enterprises, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2013
Buzz Enterprises operates Buzz Rides, a free, safe, fun, and environmentally friendly transportation service for students at UNC–Chapel Hill.
Cameron Technology Solutions, Inc.  (Independently Launched) 2010
Cameron Technology Solutions (CTS) offers technology solutions and agile processing experience for local and global businesses.
Carolina for Kibera, Inc.(UNC Assisted) 2001
Carolina for Kibera is a not-for-profit business based in Chapel Hill, with operations in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya. A pioneer of grassroots participatory development, CFK leads a community-based sports program, girls’ center, medical clinic, and waste management program through its offices in Nairobi.
Carbon3D, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2013
Carbon3D, founded by UNC researcher Joseph DeSimone, is developing a new 3-D-printing technology invented by DeSimone and colleagues that can fabricate objects significantly faster than current state-of-the-art 3-D printers.
Cell Microsystems, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2010
Cell Microsystems develops bioscience research tools for use in analytical research laboratories. Its first product line is currently in use for cell sorting and cell separation.
CertiRx, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2011
CertiRx Corporation, based in Durham, NC, develops and commercializes platform technology for authentication and verification of high-value products and important documents. It serves the pharmaceutical, agriculture and food, document security, luxury goods, manufacturing, and electronics industries.
Chaperone Therapeutics, Inc.(Independently Launched) 2009
Chaperone is an early-phase pharmaceutical company uniquely poised to develop novel drugs to mitigate neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS through the enhancement of the body’s natural protein folding mechanisms.
Chatham Therapeutics, LLC  (Independently Launched) 2010
Chatham Therapeutics is a private, clinical biotechnology business developing gene therapy-mediated cures for hemophilia. As of April 2014, Chatham Therapeutics operates as a subsidiary of Baxter International, Inc.
ChemoGLO, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2011
ChemoGLO develops technologies that detect and remove hazardous-drug contamination in hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories through its ChemoGLO Wipe Kit and the Hazardous Drug Clean (HDClean) towelette cleaning system.
Cirrus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Independently Launched) 1997
Cirrus Pharmaceuticals assists biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in dosage-form development projects through research and product creation.
Clave BioDesign, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2011
Chapel Hill-based Clave BioDesign develops technologies that enable less toxic and more specific targeting of tumor cells using cell-specific peptides.
Clinical Sensors, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2009
Clinical Sensors develops diagnostic tests and sensors for use in the early detection of sepsis to diagnose infection in intensive care units and assessing prognosis upon treatment.
Clinipace, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2004
Clinipace Worldwide provides digital contract research solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. The company also operates a cloud-based application that serves as a technology foundation to various Clinipace clinical-development service teams. The company is based in Morrisville, NC, with additional offices and operations around the world.
CMP Pharma, Inc. (Independently Launched) 1975
CMP Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures, and markets a portfolio of branded and generic prescription, nonprescription, and skin-care pharmaceutical drugs to hospital, long-term care, and retail markets. The company is based in Farmville, NC.
CMP Tarnhelm Therapeutics, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2013
Combs Lab, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2011
Combs Lab develops drug therapies for diabetes, including a noninsulin oral medication for type 1 diabetes.
The Community Empowerment Fund, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2010
The Community Empowerment Fund is a not-for-profit, student-run business based in Chapel Hill that provides micro-loans, savings opportunities, and financial services to individuals seeking employment, small-business, or housing assistance.
Community Nutrition Partnership, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2009
The Community Nutrition Partnership is a Durham, NC-based business that uses market-based approaches to increase access to healthful, local food for people of all incomes and backgrounds.
Conatus Consulting, LLC (Independently Launched) 2009
Conatus Consulting delivers high-quality guidance and specialized experience to companies in the biotechnology and life-science fields through an established network of associates who provide hands-on navigation for clients working in regulated environments.
Contactology, Inc.   (UNC Assisted) 2012
Contactology provides an email marketing software-as-a-service platform that allows users to create, send, and track email campaigns and transactional messages.
Cortical Metrics LLC (Technology Transfer) 2007
Cortical Metrics is an R&D company that develops noninvasive, biologically based technologies to quantitatively measure brain health.
Counter Tools, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2012
Counter Tools is a not-for-profit business that provides training, software tools, and technical assistance to public health and disease-prevention organizations.
Couragen Biopharmaceutics, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2012
Couragen Biopharmaceutics is a biotechnology company developing gene-therapy and protein-therapy products for preclinical and clinical use for genetic and chronic disease treatment.
Datacraft Solutions, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2002
Datacraft Solutions provides a lean-inventory replenishment platform that seamlessly integrates systems and allows manufacturers to improve inventory performance on the plant floor and throughout the supply chain.
DeltaSphere, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2000
DeltaSphere develops advanced 2-D imaging and 3-D computer graphics products for law enforcement and security firms. It specializes in creating accurate, photorealistic representations of the real world. The company’s integrated hardware and software solutions are widely used to capture and present 2-D and 3-D visual crime-scene reconstruction.
Dyzen, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2009
Dyzen develops customized virtual labs. Its platform provides lab ordering, grants management, lab space, request systems, and expense-tracker facilities.
Effipharma (Independently Launched) 2007
Effipharma develops novel therapeutics for the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system, with a particular focus on Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and schizophrenia.
Empiric Systems, LLC  (Independently Launched) 2001
Empiric Systems provides web-based radiology information, picture archiving and communication, and billing-system software solutions to medical imaging facilities. Based in Morrisville, NC, Empiric Systems has operated since 2008 as a subsidiary of Fujifilm Medical Systems USA.
ENCI Therapeutics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2009
ENCI develops therapeutics to treat breast cancer by testing and refining antibodies.
Entegrion, Inc.  (Technology Transfer) 2004
Entegrion develops biological and medical-device technologies to enhance the safety and availability of the human blood supply. The company also provides blood-supply-related contract R&D services to the U.S. Department of Defense.
Enzerna Biosciences, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2014
Epicypher, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2012
EpiCypher develops and manufactures novel tools and reagents for epigenetics drug development and chromatin biology research. EpiCypher is led by a successful entrepreneur and investor and the founders of EpiCypher are renowned chromatin researchers. The Company’s expertise and unique insight into epigenetics benefits customers in ways that other companies can not duplicate.
Everyday Glucose, LLC(UNC Assisted) 2012
Everyday Glucose offers a novel glucose-tablet case product (Tabs2Go) that better prepares people with diabetes for episodes of hypoglycemia. It was founded by UNC student Scott Bissinger during his senior year as part of the Carolina Challenge business-venture competition.
FHI 360, Inc.  (Independently Launched) 1973
Durham, NC-based FHI 360 provides technical and consulting assistance to communities, institutions, and governments wrestling with public health and development challenges. It employs 400 people in its North Carolina headquarters and more than 4,000 worldwide, with annual revenues approaching $700 million.
Firsthand Foods, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2010
Firsthand Foods connects North Carolina’s pasture-based livestock producers with local customers, restaurants, and retailers. It sources from a network of farmers who raise animals humanely, on pasture, without feeding antibiotics or animal by-products or using added hormones, and it provides consistent selection of quality meats to local markets with records tracing products back to the farm of origin.
Flexcell International Corporation, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2005
Flexcell International, based in Hillsborough, NC, specializes in equipment for scientific research in mechanobiology and tissue engineering.
G-1 Therapeutics, Inc.  (Technology Transfer) 2009
G-1 Therapeutics develops and commercializes small-molecule therapeutic agents to protect bone marrow from radiation or chemotherapy damage.
GeneCentric Diagnostics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2011
GeneCentric Diagnostics develops molecular diagnostic assays to enable oncologists and their patients to make informed, individualized treatment decisions.
Gift Boogle, Inc.  (UNC Assisted) 2011
Based in Chapel Hill, Gift Boogle has developed an application service using social media data, text analytics, and information from users to identify gift-giving occasions and match users with the perfect gift.
GiftOasis, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2008
GiftOasis is an online marketplace that showcases unique gift items made in North Carolina by local artisans who operate their own small businesses.
Global Vaccines, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2002
Global Vaccines is a not-for-profit company that develops vaccines against diseases such as HIV/AIDS, polio, dengue fever, malaria, and viral diarrhea (rotavirus), common in developing countries.
Glycan Therapeutics, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2012
Glycan Therapeutics develops therapies for thrombosis and tools to aid researchers in glycobiology, the study of sugar chains.
Health Decisions, Inc. (Independently Launched) 1989
Durham, NC-based Health Decisions provides clinical-research services that include project management, medical writing, data management, biostatistics, quality management, and regulatory compliance services. It also provides strategic consulting and clinical services.
HealthSpan Dx, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2013
HealthSpan Dx is an early-stage laboratory-services company developing a diagnostic blood test that will enable physicians selecting treatments and therapies to maximize patient outcomes. The company was founded based on technology developed in the laboratory of UNC researcher Norman Sharpless in the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center at the UNC School of Medicine.
Healthy Girls Save the World, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2013
Healthy Girls Save the World is a not-for-profit business based in Chapel Hill that organizes affordable community events for elementary-school and high-school-aged girls to foster proper nutrition, physical activity, and overall healthful lifestyles.
Hiball Tracker, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2000
Developed from the Wide-Area Tracking research project at UNC’s Department of Computer Science, Hiball Tracker offers an optical tracker that achieves new levels of performance for virtual and augmented reality, simulation and training, industrial tracking, film and video production, entertainment, and 3-D digitization.
HOPE Gardens, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2013
HOPE Gardens is a not-for-profit business operating an urban farm that serves the Chapel Hill–Carrboro area.
HopeCare, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2012
HopeCare offers consultation services to hospitals and practitioners to assist in navigating the multifaceted communication challenges inherent in end-of-life health-care decision making.
iContact, LLC  (Independently Launched) 2003
iContact develops software for email and social media marketing and provides design services along with marketing and technical expertise to small and mid-sized businesses. The company was co-founded in 2003 by UNC undergraduates Ryan Allis and Aaron Houghton. As of February 24, 2012, iContact operates as a subsidiary of Vocus.
Imagine Optix, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2008
ImagineOptix provides breakthrough optical components for bright low-power mobile/wearable displays, pico- to theater-sized projection, optical instrumentation, high-resolution imaging, and flat-lens arrays.
ImmunoBenefit, LLC (Independently Launched) 2012
ImmunoBenefit offers immune testing and development services for the nutrition and supplement industry, using cell culture, animal models, and human studies.
Impulsonic, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2011
Impulsonic uses high-performance computer graphics techniques and the latest research in acoustics simulation to develop high-performance and accurate acoustics-simulation algorithms for architects, acoustics consultants, and government and national defense applications.
InnerOptic Technology, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2002
InnerOptic develops real-time medical visualization systems for use in minimally invasive image-guided surgical procedures.
Inspire Pharmaceuticals  (Technology Transfer) 1995
Inspire Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical business focused on researching, developing, and commercializing prescription pharmaceutical products for ophthalmic and pulmonary diseases. Inspire was acquired by Merck & Co. for $430 million in 2011.
IntraHealth International, Inc.  (Independently Launched) 2003
IntraHealth International is a global business that improves health-care services in developing countries by strengthening the health-care workforce and the systems supporting it. It also supports family planning and reproductive health; efforts to improve maternal, newborn, and child health; and the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Based in Chapel Hill, IntraHealth operates active field programs in more than 20 countries.
Invitrox, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2007
Invitrox develops specialty disease diagnostics and therapeutics to detect early signs of cellular damage.
Ipas, Inc. (Independently Launched) 1973
Ipas is a business dedicated to ending preventable deaths and disabilities from unsafe abortions. It works through local, national, and global partnerships to ensure that women around the world are able to obtain safe and comprehensive reproductive care, including counseling and contraception.
Katharos, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2009
Katharos is commercializing a medical device for selective blood-phosphate adsorption that will improve hemodialysis patient quality of life, reduce mortality rates, and lower the cost of health care.
Keona Health, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2011
Keona Health, a health-care software company based in Chapel Hill, improves patient communications through cloud and web-based patient communication solutions that collect and store information from phone calls on websites accessible to patients, nurses, and physicians.
KindHeart, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2010
KindHeart is a medical-simulation company specializing in surgery simulation systems using proprietary, animated-animal organ systems.
KinoDyn, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2013
KinoDyn is a Chapel Hill-based cancer drug-discovery company focused seeking solutions to challenging cancers, including triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), pancreatic cancer, drug-resistant leukemias, and glioblastoma.
KL Medical, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2010
Kryosphere, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2007
Durham, NC-based Kryosphere stores and manages active research samples and archived collections through its biorepository. It also provides logistical and management services to academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, governmental, and health-care industries worldwide.
KXTbio, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2012
KXTbio is a biotechnology company commercializing novel small-molecule therapeutics focused on protein-to-protein interactions.
Level Logic, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2013
Level Logic offers a self-leveling apparatus for mounting an object on a vertical surface.
Liquidia Technologies, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2004
Liquidia Technologies develops precision-engineered particle-based vaccines and therapeutics that have the potential to dramatically improve the quality of human life. The ability to modify nanoparticle attributes allows Liquidia to develop more optimized safe and effective vaccines and therapies for a wide variety of diseases. Liquidia was founded on the discoveries of Joseph DeSimone and colleagues at UNC–Chapel Hill.
LoneRider Brewing, Inc.  (UNC Assisted) 2006
LoneRider Brewing was developed through UNC’s Launching the Venture program, and as of 2014, is the largest craft brewery in North Carolina’s Research Triangle region. It produces 13,500 barrels a year and distributes to Maryland, Washington DC, Tennessee, and Virginia. Founder Sumit Vohra launched LoneRider as an MBA student at UNC-Chapel Hill.
LotusBioEFx, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2010
LotusBioEFx develops performance-enhancing technology through materials, surface, and device engineering, particularly at the micro- and nano-scale. Successful applications include extended-use medical devices such as electrocardiogram clips.
LQ3 Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2013
LQ3 Pharmaceuticals, based in Morrisville, NC, researches and develops novel therapies for various oral health conditions.
Lung Banks of America, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2008
Lung Banks of America helps patients with end-stage lung disease secure lung transplants from non-heart-beating donors. Developed from research in the Egan lab at UNC, Lung Banks of America seeks to increase the pool of transplantable lungs available to patients by 20- to 30-fold.
Magnus Health Technology, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2005
Magnus Health provides a web-based student medical record tool that enables schools to save time and money; reduce liability; improve emergency preparedness; and comply with HIPAA, FERPA, and state regulations. The company streamlines collection and secures storage of student health information for more than 1,000 clients nationwide.
MathTensor, Inc.  (Independently Launched) 1991
MathTensor offers the Mathematica application package, a general-purpose tensor-analysis system that provides tensor-analysis functionality for users in physics, mathematics, engineering, computer graphics, and other areas of research.
Meryx, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2013
A spinout business from the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Meryx is working with the National Cancer Institute to develop a novel therapeutic treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Micell Technologies, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2001
Micell Technologies is a biomedical company that enhances the performance of cardiovascular medical devices with innovative drug-delivery systems.
Musical Empowerment, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2012
Musical Empowerment is a business that pairs underprivileged children from the Chapel Hill–Carrboro area with UNC students who teach them weekly music lessons at no cost to their families.
NanoCor Therapeutics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2006
NanoCor Therapeutics is a biotechnology company founded to commercially develop a minimal-invasive treatment for chronic heart failure.
National College Advising Corps, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2012
The National College Advising Corps is a NC-based, not-for-profit business that places trained, recent graduates of select colleges and universities to serve as full-time college placement advisors in high schools across the country. Through the work of these advisors, the company helps increase the number of low-income, first-generation high school students who enter and complete higher education in the United States.
Navitas Research, LLC (Independently Launched) 2005
Founded by three UNC researchers, Navitas Research is dedicated to solving problems in the power industry through development of solar energy solutions priced at levels that enable them to compete without subsidies.
NC Fisher Research, LLC (Independently Launched) 2011
NC Fisher Research provides grant strategy and preparation services to small biomedical research businesses with a specialization in immunology. The company’s services include assistance with small-business biomedical research-grant strategy and preparation, including SBIR/STTR grants, with an immunology specialization.
Ndimo, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2004
Ndimo is developing a software tool for multidimensional velocity measurement in ultrasonic imaging. The technology will be applied to enhanced cardiovascular disease diagnosis.
NeuroGate Therapeutics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2011
NeuroGate Therapeutics develops novel, patentable compounds for the treatment of neuropathic pain and epilepsy.
New Mind Education, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2010
New Mind Education is a Raleigh, NC-based business that provides enhanced language and academic programs that prepare students for academic and future success in a global environment.
New Paradigm Therapeutics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2014
NextRay, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2007
NextRay offers a new medical imaging technology called Diffraction Enhanced Imaging, which produces images superior to those produced by current x-ray imaging while exposing the patient to less than 1 percent of the radiation dosage.
Nourish International, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2006
Nourish International, based in Carrboro, NC, is a not-for-profit business formed in 2003 that today trains and supports students at over 60 college and university campuses to develop business ventures and projects that alleviate poverty in the developing world.
Novametics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2011
Novametics develops and commercializes innovative blood-coagulation diagnostic products.
Novan, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2006
Novan develops innovative, first-in-class therapies that have therapeutic potential in applications related to immune-system response, wound healing, and blood pressure regulation.
Novocor (UNC Assisted) 2013
Raleigh, NC-based Novocor Medical Systems has developed HypoCore, a chilling device used by EMS personnel and first responders to induce therapeutic hypothermia in patients suffering from cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury, heat stroke, and severe concussions.
NovoLipid, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2010
NovoLipid is an oncology drug-discovery company built on a proprietary technology platform invented at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. The company develops modifications to existing oncology drugs directed at breast and non-small cell lung cancer.
Oriel Therapeutics, Inc.  (Technology Transfer) 2007
Oriel Therapeutics, based in Morrisville, NC, develops respiratory products as generic alternatives to patented drugs for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. As of June 1, 2010, Oriel Therapeutics operates as a subsidiary of Sandoz, Inc.
Parion Sciences, Inc.  (Technology Transfer) 2001
Parion Sciences develops therapies to treat defects of the innate mucosal defense system in respiratory and ophthalmology diseases.
PharmatrophiX, Inc.  (Technology Transfer) 2009
PharmatrophiX is a biotechnology company that develops drugs to prevent neurodegenerative diseases.
Premitec, Inc. (Independently Launched) 1999
Premitec is a biomedical research and development company that develops advanced technology platforms for biocompatible packaging schemes, flexible implantable devices, and high-density interconnects between components within biomedical devices.
Progressive Computer Systems, Inc. (Independently Launched) 1987
Progressive Computer Systems provides IT services to small, medium, and enterprise-level organizations across North Carolina.
Protodia, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2012
Qualiber, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2012
Qualiber is a nanomedicine company with an innovative drug-delivery technology platform to enable targeted delivery of siRNA, small-molecule therapeutic agents, and genes for the treatment of cancer and liver diseases.
Qualyst Transporter Solutions, LLC(Technology Transfer) 2012
Qualyst is a biotechnology company providing drug transponders used in cell-based research.
Quintiles Transnational Holdings, Inc. (Independently Launched) 1982
Quintiles, a global contract-research organization, provides clinical-trials and research services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific. Headquartered in Durham, NC, it has supported the development and commercialization of the world’s top 50 best-selling drugs. Founded by UNC biostatistician Dennis Gillings, Quintiles is the world’s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services. It employs more than 27,000 people worldwide, including over 2,000 in North Carolina.
Realtromins, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2007
Realtromins develops advanced medical devices that provide an early warning to track vital changes in critically ill or hospitalized patients, identifying high-risk individuals to facilitate immediate changes in medical management, improve patient safety and outcomes, and reduce health-care costs.
RemedEase, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2005
Durham, NC-based RemedEase offers medical devices that stop nose bleeds without interrupting normal breathing or activity.
RentalTaxTool, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2014
RentalTaxTool provides an online service that vacation property owners can use to track, manage, and file sales and occupancy taxes owed on their rental properties.
Repairion, Inc.  (Technology Transfer) 2013
Repairion is developing an inhaled therapy for use in a variety of chronic bronchitis patients affected by lung issues including cystic fibrosis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung transplants.
Rheomics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2010
Rheomics develops technologies to measure fluid viscosity and cell membrane rigidity for biomedical instruments designed to diagnose clotting disorders and cancer metastasis.
Rho, Inc. (Independently Launched) 1984
Chapel Hill-based Rho is a contract-research organization that provides clinical research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, and to academic and government organizations.
Ribometrix, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2014
RTI International, Inc. (Independently Launched) 1958
RTI International, one of the world’s leading research institutes, provides research and technical services to businesses and governments in more than 75 countries in a wide range of fields including health and pharmaceuticals, education and training, surveys and statistics, energy and the environment, laboratory testing, and chemical analysis. Founded jointly through the efforts of UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State University, and Duke University, it currently employs more than 3,700 people around the world.
RxAnalytics, Inc.  (Independently Launched) 2011
Headquartered in Durham, NC, RxAnalytics provides fitness-analysis solutions to customers through a web-based platform that provides them actionable feedback as they log daily workouts and allows them to optimize training, supplements, and nutrition for maximal performance.
Sanitation Creations, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2012
Sanitation Creations offers environmentally friendly, hygienic sanitation solutions that are odorless, waterless, and economical, targeted for use in developing countries.
Simply B Gluten Free (UNC Assisted) 2013
Simply B Gluten Free is a commercial baking business that makes and distributes gluten-free breads and sweets. Its business plan was developed by founder Betty Cogdell while she was a student at UNC. The plan was awarded first place in the Carolina Challenge start-up venture competition, and the prize money was used to launch the business.
Size Me Up, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2007
Size Me Up offers a web-based application called SizeWand that enables uses to identify their correct clothing size for online garment purchases.
SonoVol, LLC (Technology Transfer) N/A
SonoVol develops hardware and software that provides tomographic imagery quickly and at reduced costs to researchers as an alternative to expensive MR or CT scans.
Spectraforce Technologies  (UNC Assisted) 2000
Raleigh-based Spectraforce Technologies provides businesses consulting, staffing, and outsourcing services and solutions for information technology, clinical, technical, pharmaceutical, and engineering functions. Its clients include Fortune 500 global companies, small to mid-sized businesses, and government agencies.
Spirovation, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2013
Spirovation is specialty contract research organization affiliated with the Marsico Lung Institute at UNC. It seeks to drive breakthrough drug developments in respiratory medicine by providing leading scientific expertise and the broadest array of translational medicine capabilities available in respiratory research.
Spyryx, LLC (Technology Transfer)  2014
Spyryx develops therapies for treatment of cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Sqord, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2013
Based in Durham, NC, Sqord operates an online game platform for children that combines hardware and software technology to measure and report players’ physical activity.
Stone Timber River, LLC (Independently Launched) 1996
Stone Timber River provides intuitive software products for sales, marketing, finance, and broadcast professionals in the sports and entertainment industry. Its active clients include more than 65 major league teams in the United States.
Symberix, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2013
Symberix is a life-science firm that develops drugs to modulate bacterial factors in the human microbiome that impact disease, including nonlethal, selective, and potent therapeutics to alleviate the toxicity of chemotherapies and long-term use of NSAIDs.
Syzygy Optics, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2010
Syzygy designs and manufactures high-performance diffraction gratings for instrument builders, offering modeling and design services, design-review support, and custom gratings. Customers include national observatories, large telescope projects, and major universities.
Targeted Reading Intervention, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2012
The Targeted Reading Intervention provides a professional development program to support kindergarten and first-grade teachers in rural, low-wealth schools working with children who are struggling to learn to read. It uses inexpensive and scalable webcam technology and university-based literacy coaches to provide one-on-one support to classroom teachers in multiple states.
TerraHub, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2013
TerraHub is a mapping service that provides compatible tools that help customers build, visualize, and analyze maps and map-based data in real time.
TheraLogics, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2004
TheraLogics develops biopharmaceuticals to control and treat inflammatory diseases through the use of a major biological molecule, the protein NF-kB. Diseases targeted by the company include chronic inflammatory arthritis, muscular dystrophy, and Parkinson’s disease.
Threads of HOPE NC, Inc. (Independently Launched) 2008
Threads of HOPE NC is a not-for-profit business that provides training and education to rural women on all aspects of entrepreneurship and business development. The company focuses on health promotion, social improvement, and sustainable economic development.
UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2009
UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions provides web-based ultrasound and image management systems for evaluating, sharing, and archiving ultrasound imaging exams and reports. It serves physicians, imaging technologists, and health-care administrators and is jointly based in Raleigh, NC, and New York, NY.
Vascular Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2010
Vascular Pharmaceuticals develops and commercializes therapeutic products to treat secondary complications of diabetes.
Veosport, LLC (UNC Assisted) 2005
Veosport offers a web-based logging tool called the WorkoutLog that provides endurance athletes and coaches the ability to track training information from any web browser in the world.
Viamet Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Technology Transfer) 2005
Viamet Pharmaceuticals discovers and develops small-molecule compounds that target metalloenzymes in infectious disease, oncology, and crop protection.
Windsor Circle, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2011
Windsor Circle provides customer-retention software for the retail industry worldwide. It serves online retailers, eCommerce businesses, and small and medium-sized businesses that sell a wide range of consumer products.
WorkSmart, Inc. (UNC Assisted) 2001
WorkSmart provides information-technology services and solutions to business, government, and education markets in North Carolina and surrounding states.
X-In 8 Biologicals (UNC Assisted) 2009
X-In 8 Biologicals develops technologies to prevent and treat tissue damage caused by the return of blood supply to tissue following a period of lack of oxygen due to events such as organ transplant, myocardial infarction, or stroke.
XinRay Systems, LLC (Technology Transfer) 2011
XinRay Systems develops and manufactures multibeam x-ray sources and systems for diagnostic medical imaging, homeland security, and industrial inspection. XinRay Systems is wholly owned by Xintek, Inc.
Xintek, Inc.  (Technology Transfer) 2007
Xintek develops and manufactures nanomaterial-based field emission technologies and products for information display, diagnostic medical imaging, and homeland security.
YardSprout, LLC(UNC Assisted) 2011
YardSprout is a web-based technology company that connects homeowners, renters, property managers, and other landholders to local resources, experts, and outdoor professionals for gardening and landscaping support.
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