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At Carolina, the research, discoveries, and creative activity of our faculty and students translate into new businesses and jobs for North Carolina. A major force in the state’s economy, UNC–Chapel Hill drives economic prosperity by attracting the best and brightest minds to the University and providing an environment that inspires creativity and discovery. Carolina invests heavily to create a culture of entrepreneurship and a support network on campus that propels research and innovation into viable startup businesses. Today more than 150 UNC startup companies located in North Carolina provide jobs to nearly 8,000 state residents. These companies employ 38,000 worldwide and bring more than $7 billion in revenue back to the state each year.

UNC North Carolina Startups Per Year 2000-2013

 Independently Launched
icon_total_launched Total Launched

2000: 3 total. 2001: 9 total. 2002: 5 total. 2003: 3 total. 2004: 5 total. 2005: 6 total. 2006: 7 total. 2007: 5 total. 2008: 10 total. 2009: 7 total. 2010: 14 total. 2011: 14 total. 2012: 18 total. 2013: 22 total.

Featured Startup: Bivarus, LLC

Bivarus was created in response to frustration among health-care professionals with current patient satisfaction tools and their lack of scientific precision and actionable findings. In response, the company has created a platform to generate precise findings around the quality of a patient’s experience with health care and to provide sound data for improving care.

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UNC North Carolina Startup Stats

150+ Ventures, broken down into: 63 Professional Scientific & Technical Services, 35 Manufacturing, 20 Health Care, 17 Information, 12 Retail & Wholesale Trade, 3 Administrative & Support Services, 2 Education, and 2 Other.

  • UNC’s 150+ startups employ nearly 8,000 people in North Carolina
  • 9 major employers providing clinical-trials services
  • 35 companies manufacturing products in North Carolina
  • 1/3 of UNC startups (46) are in the biotechnology industry, where median salaries are twice the average annual pay in North Carolina
  • 17 information and technology companies, including 8 software developers
  • Nearly one-half of UNC startups employ 5 or more people
  • 20% of UNC startups employ 15 or more people
  • 10% of UNC startups employ 50 or more people
  • The average revenue of UNC’s technology-transfer startups reporting profits is $5 million
  • The average volume of venture capital received by UNC technology-transfer startups that report their financing is $15 million

UNC Tech-Transfer STATS AT A GLANCE* (Office of Technology Development)

FY 2014

Total Number of Invention Disclosures
Number of U.S. Patents Filed (includes Provisional)
Number of U.S. Patents Issued
Number of Licenses Granted
Number of Options Granted
Number of Companies Started
License Revenue Received
$7.9 Million
Patent Reimbursement
$3.5 Million
Total Expenditure on Patents
$3.2 Million

*Statistics listed above for the UNC Office of Technology Development include business startups located in North Carolina, as well as out of state. Statistics subject to change until reported to Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) in June 2015. Statistics from previous years.

Last updated January 12, 2015.
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